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@Home is a UK-based modular construction SME with a core project team of John Green (MD), Mark Marron (Technical Lead) and Gary Hibbard (Assembly Lead).

Affordable, energy-efficient homes are needed urgently. The UK government is failing to achieve its pledge to build 300K new homes annually. To achieve 2050 net zero targets, homes need to become more energy efficient. This demand is currently not being met because of a lack of skilled workers who can meet the technical requirements.

@Home is developing Future@Home, which will allow modular energy-efficient dwellings to be built by SMEs utilising local workers with no specific skills. Each dwelling will save 1.6 tonnes of CO2/year and will help regional development in places of socioeconomic need.

Future@Home will be the first off-the-shelf zero-carbon solution promoting regional employment and affordable, energy-efficient housing.

Future@Homes delivery platform has been developed to encompass facility set-up, design, procurement, assembly, and site installation and will be made available under licence. As a fabric-first system, it combines products to design a building envelope/structure and create a zero-carbon dwelling. The dimensions and layout of Future@Home dwellings use commercially available materials in the sizes they are manufactured, thus minimising cutting/processing by skilled labour and reducing material waste/costs. Future@Home assembly information is passed to operatives using noncomplex, pictorial digital instructions. This simplified approach minimises measuring and calculations, thus further de-skilling fabrication. Minimal plant and no automation are required, enabling SMEs to set up an assembly facility without a significant investment, locally to intended sites, reducing the carbon footprint of transport.

The core value proposition to SME customers is that Future@Home allows low-cost factories to be established, producing cost-effective carbon-zero homes within three months, in any location. Future@Homes design means that half the factory labour needs no skills or experience, giving an opportunity to boost training/employment, particularly in regions of most need.

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